Painting Wonderland

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Pottery Painting and Art Studio


Sitting fees are $6 an adult and $5 a child 13 an under, a day, this covers the paints, brushes, stencils/stamps and clean up.  If you don't finish your pottery piece you can come back another day for an additional sitting fee.

Pottery prices are low, and range from $4 to $65 (currently I don't have anything higher than $45 but am hoping to in the near future).  You are welcome to come look at my selection and prices.  Also if there is something you want to paint that I don't have out, just let me know.  We have about 1100 molds to make different pottery of all types and can make them for you at no extra cost in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Canvas:The sitting fees are the same plus the cost of the canvas $10.

Canvas and Pottery classes

Pottery painting classes will be $20 a person, depending on pottery piece.

Canvas classes will be $25 a person.

Pottery Wheel lessons are $25.

Clay Hand Building classes are $20

Pottery Wheel and Clay Hand Building

  • Renting the wheel is $5 an hour, plus the daily sitting fee that covers tools, 3 pounds of clay and firing. Additional clay is $2.50 for a 3 pound bag.  
  • Hand Building Clay, daily sitting fee that covers tools, 3 pounds of clay and firing. Additional clay is $2.50 for a 3 pound bag.
  • We offer pottery wheel lessons.  You can schedule a lesson during open wheel time, listed below. Call for appointment.  The cost is $25 and the lesson can range from 1.5 to 2 hours.  The cost includes lesson, clay, firing and use of tools (painting not included).  
480-298-9892 cell
480-912-2641 shop
  • Open Wheel Times

    Mon  Closed

    Tue & Wen 1-7

    Thur 10 to 6

    Fri & Sat 10-9

    Sun 11-5

Private party room

$25 per person that includes all fees except tips.

Break Down

This includes pottery up to $16 (additional charge for higher)

Clean up, Firing, paints, sitting fee

  • You are welcome to bring decorations, cake, pizza, and refreshments.
  • Party room will accommodate up to 12 adults or 14 kids. We have another room that will hold more people if your party is larger.

Prices may change.