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We are a husband and wife team.  We love working with the community and spending time with our children.  We both have spent years in college taking business and art courses.


I love to help the community, I have been a fire fighter, volunteered at Head Start, was a Girl Scout leader, President of the Community Association in Oregon, and volunteer at my kids schools through the years.  I have been a bookkeeper, an office business manager, small business owner and I have even owned a bakery in Germany.  


My husband, Calvin, is a retired fire chief and building contractor.  He has owned a few business, ADT security, Walker Industries, and had an Art & Wine Gallery in Oregon.  He loves to volunteer and improve his community; through the years he has been a boy scout leader, church youth leader, drove for citizen patrol, board member for the community association, and president of the fire board to name a few.  


We both have years of college and personal art experience as well as business. And look forward to working with the Queen Creek & San Tan Valley families in our new endeavor.


We love art so much that we thoug

e love art so much that we thought of some of the art studios that we have been to and thought that this would be great for our growing community out here.  A lot of the time this area gets forgotten and everyone has to drive great distances for a single activity.  With activities such as Mom's day out and Boy or Girl Scouts, there is limited time for activities and who wants to be in the car forever.  Having an Art Studio close by gives the community a chance to express their creativity without having to go far, more time to paint. :)



Our Theme

We came up with the Wonderland theme because what is more creative than our imaginations.  I hope that it inspires everyone's creative side.



Our Goal

We hope to have the studio sucessful.  There is a lot that goes into starting up a business.  We encourage everyone's advise and support while we get our new business started.

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