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4-Week Pottery Wheel Throwing Course |  Skill Building


Includes: (4) 2 hour Classes -  Only $165

  • Week 1: 2-Hour Beginner Basic Wheel Throwing/ Skill Building Centering,  shape and  Pulling, Part 1 (make 1 or 2 pieces). Includes training on how to operate a wheel and tools. 

  • Week 2: 2-Hour Beginner Basic Wheel Throwing/ Skill Building. Center, shape and Trimming. Part 2 (make up to 2 pieces).                                                          

  • Week 3: Skill Build Session 1- Making a mug with a handle and skill build session. (Make a mug or small pitcher).

  • Week 4: Skill Build Session 2-   Stamped Impressions or Carving. And finish handled mug by attaching the handle. Trimming.          

 4-week classes are $165* per person,  This course does not require you to have taken a single session class prior to the start of the 4-week class. This class is designed for the novice/beginner and day one we start from scratch. 4-Week Courses are held once a week for 4 weeks on the same day of the week and same time.  Only 6 people in a class.

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