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for Calvin

A few months ago we found out that has stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized into most of his major organs. He has started chemo in hopes that it will prolong his life.


He has Medicare which only covers a portion of all treatments.

We have already exhausted our savings and due to the loss of income because Calvin is no longer able to work, we are struggling to meet our basic expenses as well as the medical bills.


Calvin is a retired Fire Chief.  In the last 5 years he is known in the community for teaching pottery wheel classes. He is an amazing family man with children, there is still one minor child left at home.

We are doing a silent auction and raffle to raise funds, we also have a gofund me page, 


Our family is devastated. If you pray, please remember him, and our family.

Cal auction2.jpg


December 9th - 11th

We have so many people that want to donate items that we will have it again in December 11th. If you want to donate items, just drop off at Painting Wonderland during open hours.

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