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There are 2 choices for painting a ceramic piece.

  • Acrylic Paint; Make and take pieces are made by using acrylic paints. The paint will dry and can be taken home right away. You will only need one coat of paint. The paint is bright with a *matte* finish (you can always buy a sealer to get a satin or gloss finish).  Great for figurines, detailed work, out of town guests and kids. We use this paint on canvases.

  • Ceramic Paint; The other way is having the piece fired. This will make the piece food safe but you will have to come back for it.  You need three coats and it will be shinny after fired.

                                                                         You Choose it:

Choose a piece of unfinished pottery from our wide selection of pieces. We have fun and functional pottery for a variety of tastes.  

                                                                           You Paint It:

Use our wide variety of paints to create your piece. Brushes, stencils, and tools are provided. 

                                                                                     We Fire It:

Once you have finished painting your piece, we will coat it with a clear glaze and fire it in our studio.  All products are food safe, non-toxic, and usually ready for pickup within a week of painting.

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