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Our Prices

Sitting fees (Basically a Paint fee) -

$6 an adult and $5 a child 15 and under per day.


Sitting fee covers the paints, brushes, stencils/stamps and clean up.  It also covers any necessary firing cost for any pottery bought from us. 


If you don't finish your pottery piece you can come back another day for an additional sitting fee.

Pottery/Ceramic prices are low, and range from $5 to $105.  You are welcome to come look at my selection and prices.  Also if there is something you want to paint that I don't have out, just let us know.  We can usually make it or buy it.

Canvas: The sitting fees are the same plus the cost of the canvas to work on your own project. 

We always have canvas panels that have pre-drawn on designs (or blank).  Many designs to choose from from easy to advanced.  Cost is the sitting fee and $10 for small 8x8, $12 for med, or $15 for large 12x12. 

Tote bags: Make a wearable piece of ART! 

It is $20 for a predrawn tote and $15 for a blank :)

Canvas classes are usually $35/$45 (depending on instructor and  you sign up  by clicking on the link then selecting canvas...

Canvas and Ceramic classes:

  • Ceramic painting classes will be $25 to $30, depending on pottery piece and instructor.

  • Canvas classes usually $35-$45 a person.

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